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We're proud to introduce true, rich-colored pink chalk! 


This isn't a sticky or tacky chalk imitation. This is real, premium chalk that you can compete with. A liquid to dry chalk with better adhesion, dry time, longevity, and without all the mess or waste, and now with true, rich-color.


And because of it, IRONCLUB has made it's way into the lifting circles of internationally ranked athletes and local lifting clubs all across the world. 


Usage Suggestions: 

A dime-sized amount will last you a complete session unless you wash it off. And you can always apply a larger amount if you want a heavier chalk coat. Our travel sized bottle will last you over 2+ months of training around 3-4 lifting sessions a week! Approximate uses: 40  // Best Used By: 6 Months After Opening.

 IRONCLUB is the Official Chalk of USA Powerlifting.